Website Design in Honolulu, Hawaii

We’re dedicated to crafting stunning websites that empower small business brands here in Hawaii and inspire action.

Our website design process

We’ve honed our website design approach through the years, having crafted hundreds of sites across a broad range of industries. As a web design agency based in the heart of Honolulu on the Island of Oahu, we’ve imbued the spirit of aloha into our work, but we also serve clients across the nation.


Understanding your unique business is our first step. We connect with key stakeholders and deeply analyze existing data, including the performance of any current site.


This stage involves aligning the proposed website’s structure, content, and features with your business goals. Our experienced strategists collaborate with UX, design, and content experts to conduct research, identify opportunities, and make high-level decisions about the website’s direction.


Here, our information architects and UX designers transform the strategic direction into a site blueprint. We identify the site’s technical requirements and specifications, creating a sitemap and prototypes to lay the groundwork for your website.


This is where our planning starts to come alive. Whether you have strict brand guidelines or need guidance defining or reimagining your brand, we’re here to help. The design phase involves creating full-color mockups for each template, which are presented for your feedback.


Writing for the web requires a special skill set. Our copywriters are adept at crafting concise and impactful content that captivates readers and appeals to search engine bots.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is integral to our website designs. Our SEO specialists ensure that every aspect of your site, from sitemaps to content, is discoverable, relevant, and follows SEO best practices.

Development, QA, and Launch

We’re a full-service agency, boasting expert in-house website development resources. We also work well with in-house or third-party development teams, providing clear spec docs and annotated visual designs for a seamless transition.

At WDE, we’re all about the ʻohana spirit of working together, so we’re with you every step of the way, creating a digital space that truly captures the essence of your brand. Whether you’re local to the islands or calling from the mainland, we can’t wait to help you bring your digital vision to life. Mahalo!

Why website design matters in Hawaii

In the vibrant and unique setting of Hawaii, understanding the significance of top-notch web design is crucial to your business success. Your website is not just a digital storefront—it’s your brand’s ambassador, a vital business tool, and a platform for driving crucial conversions. Here in Hawaii’s bustling business environment, an outstanding website can fuel your business growth, while a subpar one could inadvertently tarnish your brand image.

Web design excellence is no walk on the beach. With today’s audiences being exceptionally discerning, you have merely seconds, perhaps even milliseconds, to convince your visitors that your site is worth their time.

At WDE, we proudly draw upon our 19 years of rich experience, earned right here in Hawaii, to craft websites that go beyond simply meeting expectations – they redefine them. Anchored in the heart of our local community, we infuse our designs with the Aloha spirit, creating sites that perform exceptionally.

Our approach is grounded in strategic planning, captivating visual design, and seamless user experiences, all cultivated from our deep understanding of Hawaii’s unique digital landscape. This focus allows us to consistently drive superior results for our clients, contributing to the vibrant online tapestry of Hawaii.